Obama at Badaling

Obama at Badaling, with “One World One Dream” sign in back­ground

Times Square billboard showing Obama at Badaling Project to Extend the Great Wall of China by 10,000 Meters: Proj­ect for Extraterrestrials No. 10, Cai Guo-Qiang (1993)

“The Great Wall of China,” Robert Ripley, Believe It or Not! (1932)

Chinae, olim sinarum regionis, nova descriptio: Auctore Ludouico Georgio, Abraham Ortelius and Luis Jorge de Barbuda (1584)

A Geographic Map, Southern Song map of northwestern China (1155)

Qin dynasty Wall

Image of the Wall formed out of oversize printing blocks, Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, directed by Zhang Yimou (2008)

Warring States-period walls Han dynasty walls

Wall circle in Dragon Gate Inn, directed by King Hu (1967) Northern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui, Liao, and Jin dynasty walls Map of Chinese and Barbarian Nations, Song dynasty map of China (1040/1137)

Ming and Qing Wall

Sinarum Regni alioru[m]q[ue] regnoru[m] et insularu[m] illi adia — centium descriptio, anonymous, possibly after Matteo Ricci and Michele Ruggieri (ca. 1590)

Enlargement of the Terrestrial Map, Luo Hongxian (1579)

Imperii Sinarum Nova descriptio, Joan Blaeu and Martino Martini (1655)

Ghosts Pounding on the Wall, Xu Bing (1990)

Fen/Ma Liuming Walking along the Wall, Ma Liuming (1998)

The Result of 1,000 Pieces, Lin Yilin (1994)

Opening Up the Wall, He Chengyao (2001)

Beijing-region sections of the Wall

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